Hello everyone, it is time to pick the winner of our epic Play3r 1 year anniversary celebratory giveaway and I know some of you have been waiting for the past week dying to know who it is.

Only 1 person can win as we wanted to make it an extra special prize and we already have other competitions lined up so don’t be disappointed if you don’t win, it’s the luck of the draw!

Also I would like to thank everyone for entering and thank everyone for following/supporting/interacting with us over the past year; we really really appreciate it.


So without further ado the winner of the Play3r 1 year Anniversary Global Competiton is……

Anna Marie

Congratulations, if you would like to contact us via Facebook/Twitter/YouTube or email confirming your identity we will get your prizes shipped out to you!

Thanks again for entering everyone and I hope you will congratulate the winner, until next time (not long)!


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