Apple new Macbook's new Innovation is: Being Unable to Fix it Yourself 1

We’re all aware that Apple has always tried their hardest to make us users just buy a new product instead of getting it sent off for repairs, and God forbid, we try to fix them ourselves.  But with the new model of Macbook, Apple have really gone above the bar – every component we used to be able to fix, in the Pro and Air versions, are now either soldered to the board to prevent damage and reduce overall size, or are outright non replaceable.

Mac BatteryIt seems also that the battery has been designed in segments, which from experience with other segmented battieries, mean any overcharging or surging will cost a bomb to repair.

Naked MacBut what does this all mean for normal users apart from being unable to fix it ourselves?Mac MoboIt means that the Macbook is less likely to actually break, which is rather a bonus; it also means that the cost to build the Macbook goes down, which should mean the cost to the consumer will be lower – but we all know how that turns out… Good old Apple.

Regardless of their new “bugger you, user” mentality, the new Macbook is still an incredible piece of tech and design in my eyes; what do you guys think?

Big “thank you” to iFixit for the images.

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