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MSI was founded in 1986 by five members and originally focused on the Motherboards and Graphics Cards industries, later extending in to more consumer and commercial markets. MSI now has a wide range of products that still include motherboards and graphics cards alongside some of their newer products such as notebooks all-in-one PCs, servers, workstations, barebone systems and some others. MSI bases its core values around innovation and style while still making sure to uphold the trust and good relationships of its customers, employee’s , society and even the environment. With beliefs such as these fuelling the fire it should come as no surprise that after nearly thirty years MSI is still one of the largest information technology manufacturers

Today I will be taking a look at one of their Gaming Notebooks, more specifically the GT70 2PE Dominator Pro. This notebook is quite the beast and comes with more than enough power to see users through hours of fun or competitive gaming. The Gt70 2PE Dominator Pro comes with windows 8.1 as standard, a 17.3” full HD Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M, SteelSeries Keyboard and 3 x SSDs in a Raid 2 array. As you can see just from a few of the specifications I have listed this notebook is definitely worthy of the ‘Gaming’ tag it carries and should hold up well.

Before we get into all the fun, let’s see a bit more information on some of the amazing features the GT70 2PE Dominator Pro has to offer:

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M leverages NVIDIA’s revolutionary new architecture to deliver extreme performance than the previous generation. Compare to GeForce GTX 780M, users could get over 21% faster and more performance at same level new graphics card with lower temperature and watts. Turn on lightning-fast antialiasing in a huge variety of games automatically. Get maximum gaming images and best compatibility with NVIDIA graphics. Feel the difference reality with NVIDIA PhysX® technology , bringing games to life with dynamic, interactive environments. 

Super RAID 2 design gives the storage performance up to 1500MB/s reading  performance on MSI GT series, the reading, writing and saving speeds is 15x faster than a single 750GB 7200rpm HDD.

And one more HDD can be installed in the same laptop without the need to expand the size to put recovery system, to backup and put more data. 

MSI Cooler Boost 2 technology make a better balanced design, we use thermal bridge connects both CPU cooling and Graphics cooling system together, once CPU or Graphics is hotter than another side, the bridge could transfer the heat to another side faster, so the cooling performance is over 15% on most usage, chip temperature is 15% lower at same watts, and up to 25% lower noise of the laptop system!

The benefit of the Killer Gaming LAN is the “Advanced Game Detect™” technology, which recognizes online game data packs and processes them first, accelerating them in the process. The best weapon against stuttering characters, freeze-ups, and lagging, it vastly improves all the online experience. Whether FPS or MMO gaming, you’ll have that advantage to response faster to get victorious.

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