MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro Gaming Notebook Review



Coming to the conclusion of the review and the only thing to outdo the performance of the GT70 2PE Dominator Pro is the price tag, let’s recap.

As mentioned on the last page, the performance of this notebook is insane for the fact that it is just that, a notebook. If you do a fair bit of travelling this would definitely be a good desktop replacement as while it is portable, it is also big and sturdy enough to stand the test of time when putting in those long gaming sessions. Aside from just the gaming aspect the GT70 would also offer good performance as a work horse doing things like editing photos and videos, rendering files and what not. Granted there are of course some limitations as it is a notebook but it does offer great all-around performance.  Although in being realistic, don’t expect to be gaming for 2-3 hours without the need for a plug socket as although the battery life is good, when intensive gaming this becomes a different case.

It you are looking for a proper beast when it comes to gaming alone this will do the job, but there is more to the GT70 than just the performance it has to offer. It comes equipped with the Dragon Gaming centre which allows users to customize and get the most performance where and when it’s needed. It also has the SteelSeries engine which allows users to control the back lighting and set some macro keys up and it also comes with XSplit Gamecaster to make sure none of your best gaming moments are lost forever. If you want a top-of-the-line gaming experience in a portable package than the GT70 surely has you covered; aside from being fantastic for content creators such as video editors and of course photography buffs which the screen and i7 processor will help with.

From an overall design aspect, the GT70 continues to amaze me overall. Its red aluminium look is only outdone by its Cooler Boost 2 cooling technology; there isn’t a whole lot of real estate for proper cooling solutions when it comes to notebooks but MSI have done what they can and the addition of the new thermal bridge is sure to help knock off a couple of degrees in the heat of battle. Not only is it a pleasure to look at, it is designed to perform and perform it does; easily one of the best looking, if not THE best looking one on the market currently.

If you are in the market specifically looking for a gaming laptop then the GT70 2PE Dominator pro is a worthy choice or if you are looking for something else, MSI have also released some of their gaming range notebooks with the new 9xx series of graphics processors. It’s hard to really consider the GT70 2PE when it comes to value as this is going to have to be a user choice as let’s face it, if you’re looking to spend over £2k value is a term that can be thrown around loosely.  That aside the MSI GT70 2PE delivers in design, performance and of course in aesthetics.  Due to this I have decided to award it the editor’s choice award because let’s face it, it is one beast of a notebook!

Huge thanks to MSI to sending in the GT70 2PE in for review and let’s hope MSI can deliver in the future like they have today!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Super Raid2 offers amazing SSD read/write speeds
– 4th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
– Supplied with a very attractive “Gaming” peripherals package
– Cooler Boost 2 offers better cooling performance than previous models
– NVIDIA GTX 880M GPU is great for gaming
– Portable Powerhouse


– Price may leave it out of reach for most
– PC still has stronger £/fps rate than notebooks

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