Photosel DSLR Camera backpack Review 2

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  • Manufacturer: PhotoSEL
  • Model: DSLR Camera Backpack
  • Price: £28.00 (At the time of review)

Welcome to another Lifestyle review! These reviews showcase some of the coolest gadgets, and everyday products that really help you out in your general day to day life. From bags to portable batteries, play3r’s got you covered. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the PhotoSEL DSLR camera backpack, if you are looking for a camera bag, it can sometimes be tricky to find one! So we’ve got you covered with our quick to digest reviews.

PhotoSEL is a company that make a range of products for photography, from softboxes to bags. I was quite pleased to get my hands on this sample after reviewing some high-priced bags I wanted to see what £28 buys you! I always say spare no expense when it comes to photography protection, but if you are on a budget this might be just the product for you.

  • The rucksack holds and protects 2 SLR camera bodies, 3 – 4 lenses, a 17-inch laptop and additional smaller accessories.
  • Customisable padded interior. Adjustable dividers allow for optimal storage.
  • Side straps to secure tripods or other bulky accessories | Heavily padded adjustable shoulder straps Waist and chest straps
  • Durable black polyester/nylon exterior | Detachable Rain Cover
  • Outer dimensions: 34 x 22.4 x 45 cm; internal: 31 x 13 x 42 cm



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