Photosel DSLR Camera backpack Review


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What do we think ?


When it comes to choosing equipment to protect your camera, it’s a really hard call. Especially at this price range, you can often end up buying products that really don’t meet the requirements of protection I seek in a good bag. However the PhotoSEL feels incredibly rugged, even more so than some higher end bags I’ve used! Internally it checked all the boxes for space and security, the adjustable compartments in a photography bag are something that should be demanded. After all – what good is a bag that you can’t run different configurations in? You also get a very basic front compartment for storing odd things, I’d not call it amazing! But again – this is less than repairing your camera will cost.


I also liked the internal laptop compartment which supports up to a 17″ laptop, which is great for carrying around what is essentially a portable studio. Externally there are holsters for various bits and pieces in case you need to strap a tripod on the side, so it’s a well thought out bag. Generally speaking – it’s insane value for money! The one thing I really disliked would probably be colour of the internal part of the bag, but that’s nit-picky. However in terms of keeping camera equipment safe, the PhotoSEL DSLR backpack is incredibly well padded! Actually more so than a more expensive bag I use on big shoots, so I think the PhotoSEL will be entering the scene as my new backup bag.


We’ve talked about the features, what the internal compartments are like, the general design of the product. But what about comfort? To test this it’s quite hard – some people prefer different padding, for instance you’ve got soft padded, hard padding, chest and waist straps etc. But I loaded it up and went for a quick walk, I didn’t really feel as if the bag was uncomfortable, but it’s not like carrying around a pillow. But this is aimed at the photographer who needs a bag that won’t let them down. Not travel photography, where you require comfort. But it’s got distributed weight support making those long days out just that little bit easier! But if you wanted a bag for day to day casual use – I’d recommend the Caselogics DSLR backpack, which boasts sleek looks, and great storage. But if you are on a budget, this backpack boasts impressive functionality. However it’s more of a storage device, than a backpack!

Would we buy this?

Yes. For the value of this bag, well you really will struggle to find such a seemingly rugged backpack. It’s a tough call but when buying on a budget! But I’d recommend the PhotoSEL DSLR backpack for any photographers getting into the hobby, it’s not so expensive you’ll be out of pocket. But at the same time it definitely punches above it’s weight, and all that gear will be safe! And you get huge amounts of storage for the price. However – this is a bag for those who plan on taking out a full photo arsenal. For less gear – perhaps an over the shoulder would be better?

Don’t forget to check out the PhotoSEL website here.

Ratings Explained:

Performance: Performance wise you are paying for a bag that meets all the requirements of a DSLR camera backpack. The PhotoSEL DSLR Camera backpack will keep your gear safe. That’s for sure! So I’ve decided to give it a 3.6.

Design: Design wise it’s very simple, so doesn’t really warrant a high rating. But again this is a budget product! So you can’t expect a camera bag with built in GPS and.. other crazy “features”. However for the budget – is the rating I’ve decided to go for.

Value: For the price of this bag, you simply cannot go wrong. I’ve decided to give the PhotoSEL camera bag a rating of 4.5. For what they’ve done with the bag at the budget they had? It’s great. A true workhorse that won’t let you down.

Short version: Great value for money, and great if your on a budget.


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