One For All Smart Remote Control Review 16

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Introduction & Closer Look

Manufacturer: One For All
Model: URC 7980
UK Price: £39.99 @ Amazon UK (At time of review – Click here to purchase!

Today we take a look at the One For All Smart Control. Universal Remotes are an idea that have been around for a while and the same for the One For All brand. They were one of the original pioneers of the all in one controller. Their latest offering is a Smart Control, meaning that it can be controlled and programmed using an app via smartphone or tablet (remember the days where you had to keep trying different code combinations when programming these things?).  Will the remote be worth the £40 price tag? Or is just another remote control gimmick. Read on for our review and verdict.


The remote comes in a well-polished and aesthetically pleasing box. I was quite expecting that annoying plastic that you need to hack away at, but nope, this one’s quite frustration free which is nice to see. You can see from the front of the box that they are quite keen to emphasize on their mobile app (more on that coming later). It also states that it is 100% compatible, meaning you’ll struggle to find a device that this won’t work with.

box rear

Looking towards the rear of the packaging it mentions a bit more about what the device can do, and also highlights some of the remote’s key features. Again there are references to their mobile app and the fact that this device is “100% Compatible”.


Looking at the bottom of the packaging, again references to their mobile app, and an indication that the remote supports Bluetooth technology.

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