Arctic 7200 Smart USB Car Charger Review


Manufacturer: Arctic
Model: 7200 3-port USB Smart Car Charger
UK Price: £11.99 (At time of review)
US Price: $13.99 (At time of review)

Today we will be looking at the 3-port 7200 Smart Car Charger from reputable manufacturer, Arctic. Known better for their thermal paste and other similar cooling systems, it seems that Arctic are branching out to offer high quality peripherals such as chargers and headsets.

To start, the 7200 is not actually a model number but the output (7.2 A) of the device. It features a fast charge on all smartphones that are connected, using a cool feature that detects details about the device plugged into the charger so a more accurate current can be passed through to it. As it is a vehicle charger, the male connector is your typical Cigarette Lighter Plug and female ports, for charging, are your standard USB 2.0. It charges at an efficiency of 86% and weighs in at only 27 grams!

A safeguard feature is in place that offers protection against over voltage, currents and temperatures so that your phone is safe while getting juiced up.

Overview Video

Please watch the below overview video to see our first impressions of the Arctic 7200 3-port USB Smart Car Charger.


The Arctic 7200 Smart Car Charger is a well built and designed item that offers everything you need for long or short journeys in a vehicle. The smart charge system works very well to ensure that your devices charge at a good rate as well as safe manner which allows you to rest easy knowing that your devices battery won’t slowly be drained of its life like most cheaper alternatives on the market often do. Allowing you to simultaneously charge 3 devices may seem overkill but once you have a sat-nav/other navigational device, a phone and audio device connected, you soon realise the necessity for the extra ports the Arctic Smart Charger has to offer.

As a whole, this is a device that most people would have use for in their car and is a device that is becoming more and more common in vehicles as technology develops. The importance of a good and reliable charger is key to keeping the life of the battery being charged at tip top condition; it is something often overlooked but I am happy to say that the Arctic 7200 3-port is a piece of tech I will be keeping in my car for regular use while on the go. Safe, compact and not too heavy on the pocket price wise, I can easily recommend picking one up for safe charging while on your travels.

I have given the Arctic 7200 Smart USB Car Charger our Value Award because of the brilliant quality and safety features within such a small device for a reasonable price.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Small, compact and practical
– Universally accepted input and output
– Smart charge system works wonders
– Safe guard features in place to protect devices
– Some may be put off by the cost

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