Arctic 8000 Smart USB Charger Review


Manufacturer: Arctic
Model: 8000 5-port USB Smart Charger
UK Price: £18.99 (At the time of review)
US Price: $17.99 (At the time of review)

Today we will be looking at the 5-port 8000 USB Smart Charger from reputable manufacturer, Arctic. Known better for their thermal paste and other similar cooling systems, it seems that Arctic are branching out to offer high quality peripherals such as chargers and headsets.

To start, the 8000 is not actually a model number but the output (8.0 A) of the device. It features a fast charge on all smartphones that are connected, using a cool feature that detects details about the device plugged into the charger so a more accurate current can be passed through to it. Each USB port is, as stated on the box, USB 3.1 and has an output of a standard DC 5V 8.0A. It is certainly a small and compact design, with the dimensions being 83.6 x 83.6 x 30 mm, it can easily sit on most desks and not consume much space. The device, in this size and only weighing in at 181g (standalone) or 292g (with AC cable), is more than suitable as a portable substitute when venturing to new destinations like a hotel or friends house.

An LED indicator helps to identify when the charger has power and a security feature, preventing over voltage when the overall loading output reaches in-excess of 10A, causes said LED to flash and give the user an insight that the charger is protecting your connected devices.

Overview Video

Please watch the below overview video to see our first impressions of the Arctic 8000 5-port USB Smart Charger.


The arctic 8000 5-port USB Smart Charger is built well and designed to offer protection for your portable devices, but also for transporting the charger itself. Made from a sturdy plastic with grey rubber surround to prevent damage to the device, don’t let the material fool you as it is very light weight and easy to throw in a bag before departing. Performance wise, the Arctic 8000 Smart Charger delivers very well and even speeds up charging due to the 86% efficiency and inbuilt smart charge system. Once a purchase has been made of this device, you won’t be turning back to other devices that function in a similar fashion. It works and works very well, which is what we like to see especially when it comes to devices that keep our most expensive and important devices juiced up!

As a whole, the device works as it should without any small niggles you may find with other items. It is a device we would be happy setting up at home for use between sleep and work, as well as taking to the office to keep our device topped up. The importance of a good and reliable charger is key to keeping the life of the battery being charged at tip top condition; it is something often overlooked but I am happy to say that the Arctic 8000 5-port is a piece of tech that I would personally use. In short, we would be happy to recommend this item!

I have given the Arctic 8000 Smart USB Charger our Value Award. The brilliant quality and safety features included here are hard to match for the cost.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Small, compact and practical
– Universally accepted input and output
– Smart charge system works wonder
– Safe guard features in place to protect devices
– We cannot find any cons about this product!

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