Blackview Hero 2 2.7K Full HD Action Camera Review 20

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Today I will be bringing you another action camera review, this time by way of the Blackview Hero 2. Action cameras are becoming very popular these days and as such, a number of companies are releasing various models. Action cameras can be used for anything from capturing extreme sports, camping, hiking, diving and even security. As they are becoming more popular and being used for more and more, companies are also including a plethora of accessories these days so you can mount your brand new action cam in a number of ways. Chest, helmet, and different angle mounts are starting to become standard included accessories when purchasing most new action cams these days.

As mentioned, today I am taking a look at the Blackview Hero 2 which features an amazing 2.7K Full HD recording resolution at 30FPS. One of the unique accessories for the Blackview Hero 2 is the fact it comes with a watch-like device so you see what your camera sees on your wrist, instead of having to look at the actual camera itself. This will come in handy for those who may want to mount the camera on top of a helmet, or, somewhere else where they may not be able to see it.

The packaging that the Blackview Hero 2 comes in is fairly standard packaging for an action cam. There are some images of different uses around it, to show off what can be done as well as the relevant info you will need to make sure this is the camera for you and will do what you need. Aside from the specifications, you can all find a full list of included accessories with pictures to make sure you will be able to mount this camera where you will be using it.





There is a total of 21 accessories included with the cam from its waterproof casing, to its watch-like device and other various mounts and straps.


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