Shortcrust Plus Pi Case Review 10

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Welcome to another Lifestyle review! These reviews showcase some of the coolest gadgets, and everyday products that really help you out in your general day to day life. From bags to portable batteries, Play3r’s got you covered. Today we take a look at an interesting Raspberry pi case from Short crust:



  • Simple, clean design with easy access to all inputs and outputs.
  • Raspberry Pi snaps into place – secure, no rattling, and easily removable.
  • Raspberry Pi mounting holes still available for attaching standoffs or mounting the case to a surface.
  • ‘Smoke’ tinted cover for a clean look while leaving the Raspberry Pi visible.
  • Tool-less lid design – snaps on and off securely with no rattling.
  • Free snap-on extension part with every case to give you extra versatility when using add on boards.
  • SD card is kept protected inside the case, but is easily removable with the snap in design.













What do we think ?

We LOVE the shortcrust raspberry pi its a super sleek case that looks so much nicer than a simple single colour case. The price is amazing for how gorgeous these little cases are. Available in black and white with a smoked cover you can see the internals with ease. I have to give them credit for also creating a case that enables you to simply add additional components without having to shell out for a new case. It is also worth noting that because the design is modular you could just keep stacking and stacking to hold larger boards.

However we would like to see a version that looks identical with the smoked tinted top cover, but the bottom half made out of metal to get that Pi overclocked. As a general case though the simple snap in design is easy to use and something that isn’t possible with most metal cases.

Overall a case is a case, but the short crust plus is cheap and looks great, it is really that simple. Don’t forget to check out one of the best places to buy raspberry pi equipment Pi Supply. They sell an awesome range of products, ranging from addon boards to cases to satisfy your geeky needs.


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