Skype Can Now Be Run In Your Internet Browser
 Skype has just released E-mails about their new browser support. So in case you have missed the news the E-mail is just a short message with a link to try it, and to be honest that is all they need to do.
I tried it and it seems to work well and very useful in the way I explain below.

Catch up from your web browser

The new Skype for Web is free and easy to access. Simply sign into from your IE, Firefox or Chrome browser to use voice and video calling, as well as instant messaging. It’s a great way to pull up your contacts and conversations from an Internet café or shared computer without having to download the app.
Try the web browser in the link below


I am so glad Skype have done this finally, the Play3r team use Skype a lot and due to software restrictions at the other place I work I could not use Skype while there. With this new browser support I can keep up with the team while free.

Let me know how feel and how you find the new Skype browser tool, on here and in the Facebook group, or on our Facebook page.

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