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  • Manufacturer: Luxa2
  • Model: Smart Clip
  • Price:  $14.99 (At the time of review)

Luxa2 is the division of Thermaltake that focuses on everyday lifestyle products from phone and tablet holders to headphones and speakers, all the way back to battery banks and chargers. Luxa2 has time and time again proven that their products are designed with quality and functionality in mind and in representing Thermaltake, there is no room for error. Luxa2 has a great line-up of products, quite a few of which we have previously reviewed here at Play3r, my favourite though has to be the Lavi S 3-in-1 headphones that can be users with a wire or wireless and also triple up as a Bluetooth speaker giving users the audio experience they deserve.

Today I will be taking a quick look at one of their latest holders by way of the Smart Clip universal car/desk mount holder for mobile phones. The smart clip is designed to be compatible with 3.5″-6″ devices and should be able to attach to your car dashboard, desk or most any flat and smooth surface. The Smart Clip features a good suction cup technology to attach itself to your preferred surface and also features a 360-degree rotation so you can get just the angle you need.

Closer Look

The packaging for the Smart Clip features a nice image of the Smart Clip in action on the front of the box. Moving around the box, users will be able to gather all the relevant information needed to decide if this is the mobile phone holder for them or not. The back of the box includes some information on the 360-degree rotation feature which should be a good selling point for the Smart Clip.

Luxa2 Smart Clip _6

Luxa2 Smart Clip _7

Luxa2 Smart Clip _5

Getting the Smart Clip out of the box and the first thing I noticed was the Luxa2 logo on the non-slip pad where the phone will be placed. The right side also extends out a bit to allow for larger mobile devices to be placed inside and also to help hold said device in place alongside the non-slip padding.

Luxa2 Smart Clip _4

Luxa2 Smart Clip

Taking a look at the Smart Clip from the side and it has a very minimalistic design which is nice and it won’t cause any eye-sores or distractions from being big and bulky. At the end of the day, it is a phone holder and it doesn’t need to be overly bulky to do its job.

Luxa2 Smart Clip _1

The Smart Clip features a suction cup on the bottom to allow for a secure connection between the clip and whatever surface you may put it on, just make sure it is flat, smooth and hard and you should have no problems.

Luxa2 Smart Clip _2

Below is an image of the backside of the actual mobile phone holder and as you can see it will definitely rotate 360-degreees with ease thanks to its roller ball design.

Luxa2 Smart Clip _8

Using the Smart Clip is as easy as you could imagine and almost anyone with a mobile device should be able to make use of it with ease.

Luxa2 Smart Clip _3


When all is said and done, the Smart Clip is a simple device that performs what can be a very important task and its versatility to be used in a car, or, on a desk, makes it a great choice for a mobile device holder. The Smart Clips 360-degree rotation will allow users to get their phones pointed in just the right direction they need to allow them the best and most comfortable viewing, whether it be in the office or, using your mobile for a navigation device in the car.

Coming in at around $15 over in the US, the Smart Clip should fit well into the crowded market of mobile accessories and find itself right at home in its price range. The Smart Clip offers users the functionality they need and desire in a mobile device holder, while not breaking the bank, well done to the folks at Luxa2 for designing such a product and not charging the world for it.

I would like to thank Luxa2 for sending the Smart Clip in for review and hope they keep up the good momentum they currently have though I am sure they will.

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