Alienware’s Steam Machine is probably the most exciting one so far. Alienware have proven that the Steam Machine will come in a good price spectrum compared to their usual PC prices as let’s be honest, their PC’s don’t always come cheap.

Frank Azor said that these PCs will have “the latest and greatest Intel CPUs, the latest and greatest NVIDIA GPUs, great memory configuration, great hard drive configuration, optimised performance and an incredible form factor.” Alienware doesn’t want to compete with the latest consoles but hopes to prove that this machine can only be built by them and no system builder can match it or the same price it will be sold for. De Zayas has said “Alienware has been gathering feedback from game partners and gamers for well over a year as we’ve been defining the Alienware Steam Machine. We welcome any and all feedback so that we can continue to improve what is the most important thing to gamers, the gaming experience.”

Although there is not much information on the Alienware Steam Machine just yet, it will be arriving here in the UK in September and will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One in price but will give a better price value as of the performance.

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