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  • Brand: CM Storm
  • Model: Quickfire TK Stealth
  • RRP: £74.99 (at time of review)


Mechanical keyboards are one of the most popular peripherals from CM Storm, who are constantly releasing new designs and updating current models according to user feedback. CM Storm, the gaming branch of Cooler Master, are primarily responsible for the popularity of the TenKeyLess (TKL) design after the huge success of their Quickfire Rapid, which we actually had a look at when this site first started out. Since then, they have released numerous mechanical keyboards, all sporting Cherry MX switches, like the Quickfire Pro, Quickfire Stealth and the MECH, which we reviewed not too long ago.

As we’re recently seen, the mechanical keyboard world is quickly becoming full of companies all fighting for a share of the market, with many new companies jumping on board to produce their own mechanical keyboards, often opting to rebadge an existing OEM keyboard from the likes of Costar or iOne. Subsequently we are seeing the same features over and over again, often with little or no innovation. With the recent announcement at CES that CM Storm have produced a Topre switch based keyboard, but with Cherry MX compatible key caps, it’s good to see that some companies are still innovating and further developing the field.

Today we have the latest mech keyboard from CM Storm, the Quickfire TK Stealth – so whilst the concept is not new, the features do differ from its older brother. This particular version of the TK, which is deemed a 90% keyboard as it still has the number pad, but has merged the functions with arrow keys and the keys above those. The ‘Stealth’ part of the name is what CM Storm have called all their keyboards which feature side printed keys, giving it a more discrete look. The full features and specs of the keyboard are below:

  • Mechanical CHERRY MX switches with a lifespan of over 50 million key presses
  • Compact layout with integrated Num pad block
  • NKRO over USB for unlimited simultaneous keystrokes
  • Embedded steel plate for maximum stability and durability
  • Super Grip pads and Keyboard stand-offs with rubber feet
  • Windows keys can be disabled
  • 7 easy-access multimedia shortcuts
  • Detachable braided USB cable and cable routing groves at the underside of the keyboard
Product Number SGK-4021-GKCR1-(Red) SGK-4021-GKCM1-(Brown) SGK-4021-GKCL1-(Blue)
Key Switch Cherry MX Red, Brown, blue
Keycaps ABS, grip coated, removable
Keycap Puller Keycap Puller
Key Rollover NKRO (windows only)
Polling Rate 1000 Hz /1 ms
Interface USB 2.0 full speed
USB cable 1.8m, braided, gold plated, removable
Dimensions 377.5(L)*138(W)*33(H)mm 14.9(L)*5.4(W)*1.3(H)inch
Weight 934g/2.1Ibs

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