With £1.3 bn on the line, is Apple going to go through with one of their biggest buys since the company was founded?

Reports claim that Apple have been in talks with audio giant Beats to buy the company for a sum of $3.2 bn (£1.9 bn) as Apple spokesmen claim “The move may seem big but we wish to get a stronger foothold in the phone and music accessories business”.

Beats was founded by both music producer Jimmy Lovine and hip-hop/RnB star Dr Dre to assist with the production of ‘studio worthy’ headphones and other audio equipment. Recently, we have seen Beats move onto the subscription-based music streaming service industry by launching their ‘Beats Music’ which was quite a big leap. So to hear that they could potentially be selling up is an even larger spectacle for fans of the franchise. That being said, questions are still being asked as to what will happen to the Beats Music service as, due to Apple already owning the world’s largest music download service, there wouldn’t be much required from it.

We are sure that more information on this development will be available soon so keep an eye out online to keep updated on the strange dealings of Apple. We are curious as to what you guys think. Is the purchase a move to eliminate a potential rival or simply to help improve their products by offering the Android only “Beats audio enhancing software” for Apple ‘i’ series? Let us know!

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