Later this month Watch_Dogs launches after it’s near six-month delay. What was once the the poster child for next-gen has been through delays and apparent visual downgrades since its E3 2012 reveal – but that isn’t the worst of it.

Kotaku have an article up on their website linking to a chart that shows there is 10 different content packages for the game and not one of these editions offers everything be it DLC, a physical collectors item or even a steelcase.

You simply can’t buy the most expensive edition of the game + season pass to get everything for Watch_Dogs. You would have to buy a few different versions of the game to get everything available for the game.

The author raises the the important point in the article that we as “gamers” have in some capacity brought this upon ourselves by the absolute fever that people get caught up in when it comes to pre-ordering games. There was in all likely hood no reason to pre-order Watch_Dogs at all – more so if you’re playing on PC where physical media is more of hindrance in the Steam-age and the game can be picked up cheap as chips.

To end on a lighter-note, the game releases on the 27th of this month worldwide – although you already know that if you have pre-ordered.


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