360 MILLION Myspace Accounts Leaked! 2

Back in the days, did you have a rocking Myspace page, equipped with custom cursor, perhaps a dancing George W Bush .gif?

Well if you did, then its more then certain that your email, password, and username are now out there for anyone to see.

On the 31st of May, Myspace, the relic of social media of days gone by, has released information that the data of up to 360 Million (Yes that’s right MILLION) has been found available on an online hacker forum.

da8e6e30-0a0e-0132-07c7-0eae5eefacd9If you have an old account left abandoned you should also be in the clear however. Myspace has said that old accounts made prior to 2013 will have to reset and re-authenticate their passwords to regain access.

Myspace has stated that since 11th June 2013, the site got a makeover, including tighter security, so if for some reason you made an account after that, you should be fine.

However according to some analysis, this data does actually seem to have been taken from Myspace over 8 years ago, back in 2008, and has only just been put up for sale on the black market website ‘Real Deal’.

The hack is also being attributed to the Russian hacker “Peace” who is also apparently responsible for the recent LinkedIn and Tumblr breaches.

This also seems to be the biggest account data leak ever, with the Adobe leak, last topping the rank at 153 million accounts.

Once again we have another reason why using crap passwords is a no no. Here’s looking at whoever has the password ‘password1’

So once again to check if this has effected you or not, we recommend taking a look at haveibeenpwned.com, just pop in you email, and it will search all known Leaks, and hacks, and let you know if your details were in any of them.

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