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From the best casual games to play in your free time to serious titles for die-hard PC gamers, Windows 10 promises to give you more ways to play. Designed to support all of your existing games from previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 also allows gamers to play and connect across all Windows 10 and Xbox One devices, making it easier for gamers to come together. On your Windows tablet, desktop or laptop PC, you can download the Xbox app, which provides you with the full Xbox experience on your computer in addition to standard Windows 10 games and apps. With so many games to choose from, which are the best? We’ve taken a look at some of the best games available to play on your Windows 10 device.


If you’re a fan of bingo sites such, then you’ll love the bingo game available to download for Windows 10. Free to download and free to play, this game is perfect for practicing bingo and getting the excitement of the game even if you don’t want to spend any money on tickets! With a travel-themed take on a classic, this game allows you to play your way through a range of virtual exotic destinations.

The Chess Lv.100

For fans of this classic board game, the Windows 10 chess app The Chess Lv.100 is the perfect game to download to your device. Available for free from the Microsoft store, this game is rated four out of five stars, and is one of the favourite and most downloaded classic games offered in the store. With an adjustable playing strength from levels 1-100, this game is suitable for all players, whether you’re a chess tournament winner or a complete beginner!

Simple Solitaire

For lovers of this classic solo card game, you’ll be glad to hear that the Microsoft Store offers a great solitaire app for Windows 10. With a fast-loading, simple interface that’s easy for anybody to quickly get to grips with, this game is also completely free to download and play, providing you with hours of fun and entertainment at no extra cost. For those who have played Solitaire on Windows before, this game is designed to be just like the classic game which used to come with the operating system, and works great on both Windows PCs and tablets.

Words With Friends

For those who enjoy playing games with others, Words With Friends is a great app that’s bound to get you thinking. Designed similarly to classic board game Scrabble, play with friends, strangers, or even by yourself to come up with as many different and unique words as you can whilst keeping all the tiles on the board joined together. The best thing about this game is that the app is also available for iOS and Android devices, allowing everybody to play together regardless of which device they own!

Checkers Deluxe

A fun and free version of the classic game of Checkers, this Windows 10 app is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. With six different game variations you’re sure to never get bored, along with the option to test your skills against the computer, or play with your friends for some friendly competition.

Word Search

Described as one of the best word search games available from the Microsoft Store, this game is perfect for anybody who loves to do word searches, or you might just want to download it for passing the time when you’re commuting or waiting for somebody. There are word lists available for numerous languages, including English, French, German and Spanish with the option for players to help improve the list by suggesting different words.

Sudoku – Pro

If you enjoy games that involve numbers, Sudoku is probably one of your favourites. Even if you’ve never tried it before, this classic game is bound to get you thinking and has often been praised for its abilities to help you practice mental sharpness and even become better at maths! Designed as a fun version of the classic puzzle game, Sudoku Pro is available to play in five different game modes, with something to suit every type of player. It’s available to download for free on your Windows 10 PC or laptop from the Microsoft Store.

Crossword Fun

For years, crosswords have provided plenty of entertainment to people, and now they’re available to play on your Windows 10 device. Crossword Fun is a free app that delivers all the fun of crossword puzzles, without the need for a newspaper or crossword book and puzzles. With over a thousand puzzles available for you to choose from, it’s bound to provide you with hours of fun!

Which are your favourite games for Windows 10? Whether you enjoy the classic games mentioned here or prefer other game genres, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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