AMD Ryzen

So it has been 2 years in the making and the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs are nearly here. We have all seen the benchmarks and they are looking very promising, it will all be down to whether or not AMD can compete on price with their competitors Intel and their latest line of Kaby Lake CPUs.

One thing that will be making enthusiasts happy are the reports that all of the Ryzen CPUs will be unlocked and overclockable, this will mean no more paying a premium to have a K Series chip!

Now onto these leaked prices (These prices are a leak from a Chinese retailer that was obtained by Wccftech and as such should not be taken as set in stone.).

The Ryzen R7 CPUs all with 8 cores and 16 threads

SKU Base Spd Turbo Spd TDP RRP (USD)
1800x 3.6Ghz 4.0Ghz 95w $499
1700x 3.4Ghz 3.8Ghz 95w $389
1700 3.0Ghz 3.7Ghz 65w $319


The Ryzen R5 CPUs will contain a mix of 6c/12t and 4c/8t:

SKU Base Spd Turbo Spd TDP RRP (USD)
6 Core – 12 Thread
1600x 3.3Ghz 3.7Ghz 95w $259
1500 3.2Ghz 3.5Ghz 65w $229
4 Core – 8 Thread
1400x 3.5Ghz 3.9Ghz 65w $199
1300 3.2Ghz 3.5Ghz 65w $175

Finally we have the Ryzen R3 CPUs which will have 4 cores and 4 threads:

SKU Base Spd Turbo Spd TDP RRP (USD)
1200x 3.4Ghz 3.8Ghz 65w $149
1100 3.2Ghz 3.5Ghz 65w $129


Now please keep in mind that these are leaked prices and at present there has been no official information released from AMD as to what the RRPs will be. Also these prices are in the good old US Dollar, what this will equate to when they land in the UK is unknown but with the current state of the weak pound I personally would be surprised to find a 1/1 currency conversion.

However, these prices do look promising and the whole Ryzen platform is something that will hopefully shake up the market share between AMD and Intel quite a lot.

Please leave your comments as to what you think about the Ryzen launch below.

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