AMD Ryzen

So it’s official, on March 2nd The AMD Ryzen CPU line up will be released! This has been a very large and highly awaited project from AMD and here at Play3r we are very much looking forward to putting these CPUs through their paces.

Now yesterday we mentioned the leaked prices from china, unfortunately as yet there has still not been any official news on the RRPs, however AMD has always been very competitive on prices so we highly doubt they will break this tradition.

With all of the AMD Ryzen CPUs featuring overclockable cores. we are looking forward to seeing what they are capable of. All of the major motherboard manufacturers have a good line of the AM4 motherboards ready to go with the Ryzen platform and there will be a variety of chipsets available for you to choose from at different price points.

Could the combination of a mid-range Ryzen chip and accompanying AM4 motherboard be the perfect enthusiast gaming rig? Quite possibly with the inclusion of overclocking and a good feature set of the AM4 motherboards we are hoping to see some great builds for gamers that aren’t going to be out of the price range of 90% of people as we currently see very often with current gaming rigs.

Will you be investing in the Ryzen system? Please leave your comments below.

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