Biostar AM4 M-ITX cover photo

AM4 Ryzen compatible motherboards have been coming out thick and fast in recent days, the newest releases from motherboard manufacturer Biostar are offering something a little fresh this time though. Biostar plans to release a full series of ‘Racing’ motherboards that will be compatible with Ryzen CPUs, this newest release from Biostar is for not one but two Mini-ITX motherboards.

The new X370GTN and B350GTN motherboards will both feature two DDR4 dimm slots, a single PCI-e x16 slot, four SATA ports and finally a single M.2 socket to be mounted underneath the motherboard.

Biostar AM4 M-ITX PIC1

Of course, the motherboards will be equipped with the usual plethora of audio, USB, network and digital video outputs on the rear I/O.

Obviously, both of these motherboards are fitted with chipsets that have the ability to overclock the new Ryzen CPUs. With the new 16GB DDR4 dimms that are available, it should be rather easy to produce a rather potent PC on a very small scale. We are definitely interested in putting these small form factor motherboards through their paces and seeing just what they can achieve.

Let us know your thoughts on the latest Mini-ITX AM4 motherboards from Biostar below

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