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Game on: New survey reveals the extent of America’s love affair with video games

We’ve all had that burning sensation to rip the film wrap off of a brand new game, sit down, play and not watch the clock. Well, a new survey has revealed the lengths our American cousins will go to, to make this happen.

Surprisingly, one in ten 25-34-year-old American’s have cancelled a date so they could spend quality time with their video game instead.

Their dedication to gaming doesn’t end there, some have taken a day off work, ignored calls and even lied to friends.

Online hosting providers, Westhost recently carried out the research into America’s gaming habits which revealed what it is about gaming they enjoy so much, and how far they’re willing to go to substitute reality for virtual reality.

So how important is gaming to those across the pond? Here are just some of the stats:

– 43.5% of Americans have ignored calls in order to stay in and play video games

– 38.7% have lied to friends in order to play video games

– 15.3% of Americans have pretended to be sick in order to stay in and play video games

The research makes up part of a new infographic which you can view here:

Gaming Habits of America
Provided by WestHost

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