Know Your Geeky Languages From Wookie to Simlish?

The list of our geeky languages  is huge just a few of my favourites are Wookie, Romulan, Cardassian, Elvish, Dwarvish — Also called Khuzdul, SimlishDothraki, CSS or HTML or Java, Gelfling, Na’vi.
There are some great videos on the internet of people singing covers and using the languages in their ever day, but out of them all I do love how songs sound in Simlish so when Official EA UK released this video i had to share it with you with my hidden love for it.

So singing in Simlish, hey? Yes its such a fun language that is easy to pick up and I do have a fair few hours on the sims games so its only natural to pick it up and have fun with it. So check out the video below and have fun.

Music artists New Politics, Echosmith, Big Data, and Katy Tiz record their latest hits in Simlish for The Sims 4 Get to Work!
Explore new active careers in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, available now!
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Anyone else have this hidden love? Or even with another geeky language,  let me know in the Facebook group, or on our Facebook page.

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