Logitech - The Dawn of a new Era? 3

Logitech, one of the industry’s leading peripheral manufacturers has decided that it is time to shake things up a bit with the biggest brand transformation in Logitech’s history.  Moving forwards, the company will be releasing peripherals under a new label “Logi”, that’s right, all in lowercase according to new logo image that has been released.  The new logo is clean and crisp and in my opinion a step up from the previous sunbeam/eye logo. But it also negates 34 years of brand identity for a company whose logo has regularly adorned hardware that I have been using for the past 16 years.

logitechThe announcement was made today on their news blog, while they press that they are still committed to delivering the excellence in peripherals that we have come to expect from them, they will be doing so with a with a colourful new attitude, dedicating focus on design.  Alongside this announcement they have released a 30 second brand transformation video, products showcased in this are a very interesting wireless keyboard, a pair of speakers and a tablet case, all of which are shown in various striking and vivid colours.  This is set to an upbeat background track with empowering messages flashing across colourful backgrounds.  This gave me the impression that the “Logi” branding will be used on more day to day products to make them more fashionable to the general public, allowing people to match their hardware to their outfit for example.


Whether this branding and array of colours will carry through into their gaming line of hardware remains to be seen.  The name Logitech will not be disappearing straight away, as it will remain the company’s formal name and will remain on hardware that has been previously produced. But Logitech says, that if everything goes accordingly, Logi will be the name that will be used for products as they move into the future. I am all for shaking things up as this generates new opportunities and creates avenues of business.  However, If neon pink gaming mice and electric blue keyboards start lining the shelves and begin to replace my old faithful black, grey and red products then there will be justice required.


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