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Microsoft continues to push Windows 10 as an upgrade for older versions of their operating system. This time it’s a full-screen prompt with most of the options being to install. It’s the latest in an ever increasing conflict between PC users and Microsoft, which from any other company would be considered malware.

Microsoft frequently mutates the updates code, which means windows will install the update unless specifically told to stop it again. Exactly like a virus, which most users seem to consider it. Which means this full screen “ransomware” style update was inevitable.

The Update That Wouldn’t Stop

It started with a small pop-up window that people dismissed due to years of conditioning, so Microsoft tried again. Integrating the Windows 10 upgrade into an optional update. So began the cat and mouse of people wanting to stay on windows 7 and 8/8.1 while Microsoft did everything they could to get them to upgrade.

The Upgrade windows nag went from having an opt-out to delaying the nagscreen, unless you clicked the little X.  People that were happy with their systems would block the updates, only for Microsoft to issue a “brand new” update that would push Windows 10 harder. The next phase was to deny delaying the nagscreen and just delay the download time.


Finally, Microsoft dropped the optional update and made it a security one. This downloaded the Windows 10 installation files no matter the connection or time. The next Windows 10 upgrade screens were even more forceful, only allowing the user to delay the installation of the files for a limited time. This led to inappropriate installations such as a weather report live on TV and a group that frequently comes under gunfire in Central Africa.

None of these incidents seemed to slow Microsoft’s attempts to force Windows 10 before their self imposed deadline until faced with Teri Goldstein, a travel agent that lost business due to Microsoft forcing Windows 10 onto her machine without her permission. She sued for lost business and wages and was awarded $10,000 in court.

Which brings us back to the new fullscreen popup. Microsoft clearly don’t want people to miss the update and sue them, but they desperately want to force the update. At least we can be thankful there’s an opt-out this time, if they finally respect a users decision.

If you have also delayed your upgrade but intend to go to Windows 10 eventually your time is running out. The free upgrade option finishes at the end of this month.

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