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Well, online gambling is becoming more and more popular in recent years. People get the same feel of playing in a land-based casino in Las Vegas when enjoying gaming online. Countries like the UK has legally approved online gambling, and casino freaks like playing online to quench their thirst.

Will Smartphones Dominate PCs in Online Gambling?

But the paramount question in the millennial mind is whether PCs will be the means of online gaming, or these will be the mobiles that will take all the fun over? The future of gambling is in the hands of mobiles, and there are many factors to prove this. The analysis given below will throw some light on this issue.

The sites like Spin Princess slots are offering the best games with promotional bonuses, and the slots can be accessed at ease, and one can quickly navigate through the site. Now, take a look at the study to understand how mobile phones and desktop computers compete in offering the best gambling experience.

First, understand that mobile gambling is playing casino games using handheld devices including tablets, iPad, iPod, and phones. You can hold these devices in your pocket and bags to start playing at any time you want and from everywhere. Having clarified this, see how mobile gambling differs from playing on computers.

Internet Access (4G)

There are two things which will confuse you in this area. One is the Internet access availability, and another is its speed. Computers connected to WiFi at home or office will work at a better speed than the data available on mobiles. However, with the arrival of 4G, phones can also work perfectly due to this new high-speed Internet connection. This being the scenario where mobile gambling dominates in the field of online gaming as one can play from anywhere and anytime. And desktop computers depend on the Internet connection, speed, and location to play.

Also, take a note that data cost is very effective when comparing to the cost of Internet connection. There is no need for any installation, and connecting as well as disconnecting can happen in the blink of an eye.

Screen Size

Playing land-based casinos cannot be compromised by the true gamblers as the lightning, people, and surroundings make them feel great. They get a mind-blowing experience in person. But, distance and time is a constraint, and thus, online gambling came to the limelight. Later, it is enthusing players’ more than brick-and-mortar institutions as online games can now be provided with the best-in-class graphics and sound effects. You can even chat with your other players what gives a feeling of traditional land-based gambling but from the comfort of your home.

Thus, the screen size does matter, and computers get a better score here. Still, mobile devices do not take the second stand as the developments in technology have offered the same experience on your mobile screens.

Ease of Use and Privacy

Computer gambling can be played only from a fixed place, and you cannot carry a PC wherever you go, unlike mobile devices which are with you all the time. Thus, it can help you relax and gamble at any time. You can also play in privacy by using such devices. No one can understand what you are doing when playing on such devices. Again, mobiles outstand PCs in this regard.

Battery Life

This is slightly tricky when you compare computers and phones. Computers can get a constant flow of power as they are plugged to a socket. As for the phone charge, it gets drained quickly when various games are being played continuously.

Still, don’t get disappointed. Remember the power of power banks. Power banks can supply charge to all types of mobile devices. This will help you to play on the go without any interruptions.


Needless to mention this criterion as you know very well that carrying computers is not possible, and roaming with mobile devices in your pocket is now a lifestyle. It is easy to use mobiles anywhere as they are much lighter in terms of weight.

You need to be sitting in front of the computer to enjoy the games, and mobile gadgets, on the contrary, allow you to play at ease.

Final Thoughts

To support this argument that mobile gambling overtakes desktop computer, a UK magazine has reported that 60% of gamblers prefer using mobiles to PCs. A point to mention here is that mobile devices have started taking the front seat, and yet, computers have not lost their importance. It is expected that mobile gaming will skyrocket in the online gambling market in terms of usage in the nearest future.

Having considered these facts, a number of gaming providers have started offering slot games to be played on Android, iOS, and other devices. You can quickly download an app and have all the fun in one click.

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