Overclockers UK Cuts NVIDIA 980Ti Prices 1

In light of the recent rumours regarding impending NVIDIA GTX 980Ti graphics card price drops due to the release of the new AMD Fury X, Overclockers UK (OcUK) have effectively slashed their prices on virtually their entire range of the 980Ti.  The starting price for the reference models sits at £509.99 with brands such as Zotac and custom cooled card versions like the MSI Gaming edition coming in at a penny shy of £600.


With similar performance to NVIDIA’s own GTX Titan X which costs in the region of £800 for a reference model, the latest price cuts will only show NVIDIA favour over the upcoming months; it is worth noting that in recent reviews, the GTX 980Ti still beats the Fury X which has left a lot of AMD fans and general consumers wondering what their next graphics might be.

Maybe Overclockers UK can tempt you with a cheaper alternative in the shape of the GTX 980Ti?  For a full list of available deals, click HERE!


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