ROG MAXIMUS IX EXTREME_Monoblock_M.2 heatsink - Feature replacement

Asus has announced that they will be adding another new motherboard to their prestigious ROG lineup, the Maximus IX Extreme. Based on the Intel Z270 chipset this E-ATX motherboard is quite the monster of a motherboard and ASUS have certainly pulled out all the stops to ensure absolutely everything is covered with this rather special bit of kit.

As usual, this ROG motherboard is fitted with the usual features of RBG lighting, SupremeFX audio, dual M.2 slots, reinforced DIMM slots and PCI-e slots as well as many other high-end features.


ASUS Maximus IX Extreme Motherboard


However, the most impressive part of this motherboard is the built in water cooling monoblock which Asus is calling their “Water Cooling Master”. Asus teamed up with Bitspower one of the top water cooling parts manufacturers to produce this very complicated block. This is far from a standard CPU block, providing cooling for the CPU, VRMs and also making contact with the first M.2 slot to prevent storage transfer throttling. On top of covering so many components the CPU block has some other rather fancy tricks up its sleeve, being fitted with flow-rate, water-leak and temperature sensors meaning that the PC is fully capable of keeping track of the water cooling system and thanks to its design and ability to cover so many components in one go tubing is kept as simple as possible.

Coming mid-March to retailers this will certainly be a motherboard to look out for. Ok, the £619.99 price tag will put it outside of many people’s budgets however, if you’re after a no compromise motherboard with every feature you can think of the Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme will definitely be a contender for you.

Let us know your thoughts on the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme below.

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