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Most casual gamers rarely opt for external gaming consoles; all they do is simply transform their mobile devices into mobile gaming consoles. While all mobile devices can be virtually turned into ‘gaming consoles’, not all mobile devices seem to perform the same way when used for gaming purposes. It is for this reason that we decided to come up with this article, and in short, all we can say is that we managed to test most of the Android devices released this calendar year for gaming functionality. From our study, we found out that the following are the top Android devices to use when looking to play games on mobile.

Razor Phone 2

Razor Phone 2 is the ultimate Android gaming device of 2018. The brilliance of this device means that it may not just be the best gaming device of this year, but will most likely reign as tops in 2019 or even 2020! There are a number of factors that make the Razor Phone 2 rank as highly as it does, whether for those looking to play casual games or those looking to play casino games such as the wheel of fortune. Some of the top factors include its magnificent display which comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The device also comes with impressive specs for gaming. For a more worthwhile gaming session, Razor Phone 2 has super loud Dolby stereo speakers for players who want commentary or great audio when playing games. Razor Phone 2 can also be wirelessly charged, which simply means that even when playing battery draining games, the player can easily recharge the device without having to stop his gaming session.

ASUS Rog Phone

ASUS mobile devices have dominated in the Asian and Indian markets for a long time, however just recently, the mobile device has found its way into the western market. One factor that has necessitated the popularity of ASUS mobile devices is its ability to offer gamers the perfect gaming platform for all games, be it casual games, casino games such as slots online or board games. Among the ASUS devices currently on the market, the ASUS Rog mobile device rates as the best ASUS device for gaming purposes and as such, it finds itself on the second position on our list. The ASUS Rog mobile comes with a 6-inch AMOLED display which supports an up to 90 Hz refresh rate. This device also has high gaming specs which makes it a perfect platform for gaming. Just to top it off, the ASUS Rog phone comes with a Game Vice controller which makes gaming highly convenient. Moreover, this device can be ‘converted’ such that it operates like a desktop, hence you can play games optimized for desktop on your ASUS Rog mobile phone!

Samsung Galaxy S9

In general, there are three things that gamers look for when choosing a mobile device to use for gaming purposes. These three factors are battery life, display and hardware performance. Fortunately for the Samsung Galaxy S9, it ticks all of these boxes, thus ranking as one of the best Android gaming devices on the market right now. To elaborate on this, the Samsung brand is well known for creating mobile devices whose hardware performs superbly, so on that front, it does really well. When it comes to the display, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has a 5.8-inch screen, making it a great device for gamers. This device comes with a 3,000 m Ah power pack which means gamers can play for hours without charging their devices even when playing battery draining games.

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