BT Super Fast Fibre

As more and more people get connected to the global society, there is a big worry that the fibre optic backbone won’t be able to cope with all the increased connectivity. So BT has tested their ‘fastest’ broadband connection but it’s really highest bandwidth.

BT tested this new super-fast broadband speeds through two facilities, one was in London and the other in Ipswich, stretched over 255 miles. This distance was not a problem for the blinding speed connection, as the transfer data speeds were 1.4 terabits per second. These speeds are 10,000 times faster than your average fibre connection going at its full.

While this super-fast data transfer was carried out down existing lines using the already available technology, BT is planning to increase the range of capabilities, bringing more lines into play which, if needed, could be turned on or off or diverted at peak times. However there is a problem with the fibre optics being pushed to their limits. The busier the line becomes, the higher risk there is of data corruption yet BT has claimed that the test in this instance was 100 per cent error free and stable.

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