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MSI have released the following statement to clarify MSI motherboard compatibility of 300 and 400 series chipset motherboards and AMD’s next-gen Ryzen series processors. The statement includes the associated BIOS version that will allow compatibility.

Next-Gen AMD CPU & APU support on MSI 300- and 400-series AM4 motherboards

It has come to our attention that MSI Customer Support has regrettably misinformed an MSI customer with regards to potential support for next-gen AMD CPUs on the MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM motherboard. Through this statement we want clarify the current situation.

At this point, we are still performing extensive testing on our existing lineup of 300- and 400-series AM4 motherboards to verify potential compatibility for the next-gen AMD Ryzen CPUs. To be clear: Our intention is to offer maximum compatibility for as many MSI products as possible. Towards the launch of the next-gen AMD CPUs, we will release a compatibility list of MSI AM4 motherboards.

Below is a full list of upcoming BIOS versions which include compatibility for the next-gen AMD APUs for our 300-Series and 400-Series AM4 motherboards based on the latest AMD Combo PI version These BIOS versions are expected to be released in May this year.

X470 MSI Motherboard Compatibility

X470 MSI Motherboard Compatibility BIOS list

B450 MSI Motherboard Compatibility

B450 MSI Motherboard Compatibility BIOS list

X370 MSI Motherboard Compatibility

X370 MSI Motherboard Compatibility BIOS list

B350 MSI Motherboard Compatibility

B350 MSI Motherboard Compatibility BIOS list

*Download and install the latest BIOS using M-Flash to update mentioned models.
**Ensure to always download the latest BIOS from corresponding product pages.
*** Compatibility varies according to model. Please refer to official product pages and BIOS release.


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