This time I get to welcome the Cherry KC 6000 Slim Keyboard in for review, let me tell you it impresses from the get-go which I wasn’t expecting! So let us get into it and see how this keyboard performs, how it is to use and all as a daily keyboard.

Cherry KC 6000 Slim Specifications & Features

Key Features:

• Exceptionally compact, slim housing
• High-quality scissor mechanism for perfect keystroke
• Status LEDs for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys
• 6 practical additional keys
• Sturdy construction with integrated metal plate

Technical Data:
Layout (country or language): UK English
Housing colour: Black
Key colour: Black
Weight (product): approx. 660 g
Total weight (with packaging): approx. 875 g
Cable Length: approx. 1.80 m

Cherry KC 6000 Slim Closer Look

So the specifications and key features are done and dusted let’s get to the nitty gritty and see what the Cherry KC 6000 Slim Keyboard is all about, opening the box is very promising I can tell you. The keyboard has a very sturdy feel to it for a budget-friendly keyboard or at least an affordable one! The low profile keys make this keyboard a definitely suitable candidate for an office environment as it’s not over the top compared some keyboards these days. With the keys themselves being profile it’s much akin to using a laptop keyboard which is pretty ace bearing in mind the Cherry KC 6000 Slim is a full-size keyboard as well but nice and slim too, so it doesn’t take a huge amount of space up but the scissor switches used are really enjoyable to use as a daily keyboard too. I’m a big fan of both the font Cherry have chosen for the kets, it’s nice a clear to read, but also the inclusion of physical media keys which are always welcome in my eyes.

The Cherry KC 6000 Slim is also a plug and play keyboard too which is perfect for when you just want to hook up a keyboard and get to work typing away. One thing I have noted though is the colours this keyboard is available in, either black or white, it would be nice for different options such as grey or even silver but this certainly doesn’t detract from how ace it is to use. I have also seen that there isn’t any backlighting, now the Cherry KC 6000 Slim is likely going to be used in well-lit office space so this isn’t a negative but the inclusion would make this even more usable in different environments.

Typing away it does mightily well, for a slim keyboard it’s also really solid to use too thanks to the metal plate sandwiched in the middle which makes it very sturdy and more durable than your average office keyboard too. I was surprised at the weight of the box bearing in mind this is a slim keyboard, you would anticipate the keyboard would be relatively light and potentially flimsy but as I have mentioned the metal plate helps give this keyboard a weighty and sturdy feel, somewhat robust I would say! I didn’t use this keyboard for any gaming as it’s not really pointed at the gaming world but oh boy does the Cherry KC 6000 Keyboard type well, I have certainly enjoyed and will happily continue to enjoy it I can tell you. It is very tempting to use this keyboard as my daily keyboard in the office as it isn’t overly dissimilar to the keyboards in use there but is so much nicer to use.

The Cherry KC 6000 Slim Review: The Verdict

So now we get the last part and that’s the final thoughts on what I feel is a top-notch keyboard. The Cherry KC 6000 certainly ticks the boxes for being suitable in an office or home office environment. It’s also a nice smart modern bit of design too and will be one on the recommended list that’s for sure. Due to its robustness and comfortable use I am happy to award the Cherry KC 6000 keyboard our Gold Award, it does what it was designed for and does it well. No fancy RGB lighting, no need for any software or faffing around just grab it plug it and work away. There’s not much more to really say other than this keyboard is in my top 10 even if it is not a gaming RGB special bells and whistles affair, especially when the Cherry KC 6000 Slim rocks in at a bargain £30 to £40 online which is mighty damn budget friendly for a Cherry branded keyboard!

Arctic Z1 Pro Gen3 Play3r Gold Award

What’s hot:

  • Plug and play, no need for any extra messing around
  • Smart and stylish
  • Lightweight but durable

What’s not:

  • Backlighting wouldn’t go amiss but isn’t essential
  • More colour choices other than black and white would be nice

Now after all of that, I can only really have good words for this keyboard. It’s well priced for budget-conscious folks but it certainly doesn’t have the budget keyboard feel! Either way, if you pick one up let us know how you find it?

Thanks to Cherry for sending a sample of the Cherry KC 6000 Slim in for review.

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  1. Does this keyboard have NKRO/anti-ghosting? When playing games does it accept multiple-key commands? For example, “W + Shift + Space”?

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