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Surely on more than one occasion you have wished that passwords will cease to exist, and it is understandable. Today, the vast majority of people have at least ten to twenty online security passwords, each of which is different and has unique features, which makes it even more difficult to memorize them all. Have you  at some point tried to enter an account that you had not used for some time and you could not remember the password? Surely yes.

And if it turns out that you definitely don’t remember your password and end up blocking your account, the process becomes even more stressful, as you will have to go through a whole series of identification steps until you get to create a new password; which being honest, it will not make it easier for you to memorize that new key. On the contrary, it will be more information to store and you will end up forgetting.

Fortunately, the technology has not stopped advancing and has resulted in the so-called “Password manager”. These applications are able to memorize all our logins in a single account, so we never have to worry about remembering all our passwords; the app will store them safely for you and help you create new ones that are safer and harder to crack.

You probably have a lot of questions and doubts about the real utility of a password manager right now, and that’s normal, as it’s about the security of our most private data and we will always want to get  the maximum protection possible. 

To clarify all your possible doubts, below we will explain in detail everything you need to know about these applications and the security they can offer you. Make a note of it!

How safe is a password manager?

Of course, if you decide to put all your passwords in the hands of a password manager you will be making a good decision. They are recognized applications among virtual security experts as highly secure and reliable tools, so it is advisable to start using one.

Its operation is as follows: we decided to create an account on the application server, where we will then enter all our logins. Then we will have to choose a master password to sign in to the application. It is important to make sure that the master key is very safe and difficult to guess by hackers, because if they guess that key they will have direct access to all the others passwords.

Once we have our master password, the administrator can start working independently and generate secure keys for every online account: Amazon, eBay, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This process is much safer than starting to use the same password over and over again for all these sites; the administrator will improve the security of our data  and free us from the responsibility of having to memorize every single password.

Most of the doubts regarding password managers arise from the fact of putting all our keys in the hands of an external company, but to avoid that being a problem, what we must do is choose a quality password manager, that does not have access to our data and is recommended by experts in the sector.

Can password managers ensure absolute security?

To say yes would be unrealistic. As with all other online platforms, the risk of losing data  never goes away; not even for large internet companies, such as Facebook or Twitter, which have suffered several serious attacks throughout their trajectory.

Therefore, to the question of whether a password manager can be penetrated, the most sincere and realistic answer should be as follows: it is unlikely, but not impossible.

However, the risk we are taking by contracting your services will always be less than we would assume if we choose not to do so. In addition, a security company has the incentive to know that there is a customer who has trusted them and who pays for that service.

Therefore, a password manager is a secure service that you can trust. Despite the unavoidable risks of using a service online, these applications still have many more advantages than disadvantages. Now you know, a password manager is your best security solution. Try it!

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