Candy Crush Saga Launches 2000th Level Worldwide on Mobile and Celebrates One Trillion Gameplays 3

NEW YORK, LONDON – 28 SEPTEMBER 2016: King, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, is today celebrating the launch of its 2000th Candy Crush Saga level. The deliciously colorful game, which challenges players to match sweets in combinations of three or more, has become a phenomenon the world over and remains one of the most played mobile games across the globe. Having just enjoyed its one trillionth gameplay, King is marking these milestones with some exciting in-game updates and treats for its players.

This very special 2000th level will not only be available for those who’ve passed level 1999, but is also accessible to all players above level 10 as an in-game live event. Available on iOS, Google Android, Amazon and Windows devices for seven days from today, fans will get a sweet peek into the future of the game.

In this fun-filled 2000th level, players will join Candy Crush characters Tiffi and Yeti as they travel to the Bubblegum Bazaar to meet a fortune teller who will predict the future of the Candy Kingdom. Players will be challenged to collect sweets and will enjoy Colour Bombs galore which spell out ‘2K’ on the game board. Those who complete the level will be rewarded with two Colour Bombs and one of each booster.


“We’re excited to launch the 2000th level of Candy Crush Saga today”, said Sebastian Knutsson, Chief Creative Officer at King. “This is an incredible milestone for us, as is reaching one trillion gameplays. Candy Crush Saga continues to be one of the most played games around the world and has enjoyed continued success in the download charts since launch. Over the years our team has worked hard to evolve and innovate within the game so that our players always have new and fun challenges to enjoy. We’ve launched this very special 2000th level to celebrate and give something back to our fans, and we hope they have as much fun playing it as we did making it.”

To mark the festivities, King has also shared some insights into the playing trends and habits of their Candy Crush Saga fans worldwide.

  • There are now 2000 levels in Candy Crush Saga
  • We’ve reached 1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) gameplays since it launched on Facebook in April 2012, which is equal to everyone in the world playing approximately 140 times
  • Sunday is the most popular day to play Candy Crush Saga
  • The daily distance swiped by our players on mobile is nearly 140,000 times the height of the tallest building in the world (830m), the Burj Khalifa
  • Each year, players swipe 41,197,500km playing Candy Crush Saga on their mobiles – that’s to the moon and back 54 times!
  • On average 18 billion game rounds of Candy Crush Saga are being played every month
  • Candy Crush Saga is being played on all seven continents, even Antarctica!
  • Since launch, 307.1 trillion candies have been swiped and 1.4 trillion Colour Bombs have been used in Candy Crush Saga
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Candy Crush Saga fans can join in the celebrations on Facebook and Twitter using #CandyCrush2000

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