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Battle through the blood-soaked, adrenaline-fuelled all-action FPS – Doom. It was one of the most-critically acclaimed games of 2016 – rated 92% by over 30,000 Steam users. And now it is available at cut-price deal that PC gamers can’t ignore.

Doom (2016) carried a heavy weight on its shoulders – would it live up to the franchise forerunner’s, the original Doom and Doom II of the early 90’s… and the answer is an astounding yes! A refresh of the original Doom leaves the newest addition to the franchise louder and faster than the old model.

Players take the role of an unnamed marine as he battles forces from Hell that have been unleashed by the Union Aerospace Corporation on a colonised Mars. The game features an extensive campaign that you can get your teeth into, with character upgrades and gory executions known as “glory kills” that satisfies your bloodthirsty needs.

Doom can also be enjoyed in a multiplayer mode that delivers an assortment of match types including team death-match and domination challenges. There’s even a level editor so you can create your own devious maps and challenge your friends to spend an evening with you in hell!

While it has been on sale before, it hasn’t been bundled quite this well before, Fanatical is selling the official Steam key for Doom, including all its add-ons (DLC), at a best ever 66.6% discount – just £6.66 or gamers can also choose to pay a little more and experience all the classic DOOM games of yesteryear, including Doom (2016), Doom Classic Complete and Doom 3: BFG Edition for just £13.84.

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