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Captain Forever Remix is brought to us by Pixelsaurus Games and Future Crayon, it’s an action game that closely resembles Asteroids┬áin gameplay. In this game you travel across our solar system in the imagination of two kids, blasting enemies apart and collecting their parts to create a better ship for yourself.



The controls of Captain Forever Remix again reminded me of Asteroids, using the arrow key to move the ship, but with the mouse coming into play to drag parts that you’ve just blasted off your enemies to add to your own ship, with an option to customise the controls on an option menu that pops up on start up this game’s controls were really easy to master. Playing the game was really fun, being tricky enough to challenge but not so impossible that the game gets boring and the randomly generated enemies made sure that my ship was unique in every play-through. The funny and wacky feel of the game really fit in well with it’s story, being the imagination of two kids playing a game where one has taken over the solar system and the other is trying to save it.



Captain Forever Remix’s cartoon-like artwork really fit into the feel of the game, the graphics were clear with bright colours and worked well on my computer because the game give you the option to choose the right settings for the computer on the options screen that pops up when the game starts. The audio, though a little bit annoying, fit the style of the game well and the game sounds were clear and also tied into the style of the game well, the volume level of both are changeable so if, like me, you find it a little irritating it is easy to adjust them, even during in-game.


Final Verdict:

Captain Forever Remix was a really fun game to play, it is simple to play but is still challenging enough to remain interesting. The funny and wacky feel that it gives is very entertaining and everything in the game fits well with that feel. The only issue I had with it was that the music was a little irritating but that was easily fixed. I especially like the ship customisation being an important part of the game, it’s an old concept made better in Captain Forever Remix.


  • Audio
  • Controls
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Value


funny and wacky feel that it gives is very entertaining

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