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Gravilon is the first game made by gravdev. A platformer simple game design and great physics it’s simply beautiful and compelling. This is a quiet game with a story that unfolds in the background. The level design builds on itself so that the more you play, the more you will learn about your role in the world of gravilon.

As a platform game Gravilon has taken it back to bare basics, well what did you think a box can do? There are also no enemy NPCs, no collectables, and no achievements. The goal is simply to reach the end. Standing in your way is a world frozen in stasis. The unique tumbling mechanic is simple to pick up. The levels and game mechanics are designed to encourage exploration and to allow for creative pathfinding — there is no one correct path for most levels, there is only (arguably) the fastest, most efficient route.

Graphics and Audio:
Gravilon has a simple look and feel, but that is part of the beauty.  The style suits the whole Indie feel and makes the game keep flowing and time pass by. With no music and just the game audio it is crisp and makes you get lost in the world, plus you can always put your own songs on to play to.

Final Verdict:
Before I started playing I was looking at the pictures and videos and thought to myself, I’m going to play it for 10 minutes and then throw it into a folder and forget all about it. I’m sorry to say after 2 hours of game play first time round I was strangely hooked in the simplicity and the time flew. It is nowhere near a great game but if you have a few hours free it will make it pass quickly and keep you happy at the same time.

  • Audio
  • Controls
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Value


Overall I gave this a 4/5. Simple but enjoyable.

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