Hitman - Episodes 1 & 2 Review - The One Where Everyone Died! 1

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Developer: Io-Interactive
Game: Hitman
Price: £39.99 RRP (Varies with retailer) (Click here to buy from G2A)

Hitman is a franchise that has been hugely popular since it’s inception back in the year 2000 with Hitman: Codename 47. Clearly Square Enix knew they had a winner when they first started this franchise up, with 9 games in all (including the horrible iOS game) the franchise has seen no end to it’s popularity. With all gaming franchises there comes something bad though, the movies are something that leaves a lot to be desired, plots not exactly what they should be for Agent 47 means they’re not really good enough. Don’t get me wrong, if the game title wasn’t attached to the movies, I’m sure they’d be fine otherwise, but attaching such an amazing character to those movies doesn’t work. Anyway, this title is the 9th chapter in the long story of Agent 47’s career as a hitman and with this title we see his training how he became 47, and also gives missions showing his beginning into that career. I am somewhat biased to this game plainly because I played the living hell out of previous titles in the series which means this franchise rather important to me.

You begin the game 20 years before the events of Hitman: Absolution and 47 just arrives at a training facility in Europe where he meets another trainee called Diana Burnwood. She goes on to supervise and vouch for him with Training Director Erich Soders because he believes 47 is too dangerous for the job. As the training goes on 47 obviously passes the training and Diana continues to vouch eventually 47 does indeed become an operative for ICA.


While I do love this series, I do suck at them rather badly, with this one I seem to find it a little easier again than Absolution was. I don’t find it much of a problem, I appreciate the fact they’re always trying to get more people into playing this franchise, and more people that buy, more games can be made. I haven’t seen any bugs, glitches or even had any crashes with running this game on ultra, and this game is a very pretty one to behold, especially for what is now an episodic game. Making this game episodic is a great idea by whoever came up with it for a AAA game, you can go buy the first episode for £10.99 and see if it’s your type of game and if not… there’s always Steam’s refund system?

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