MSI Introduces Advanced Performance Workstation Laptop WT72 4

Are you in the market for a new computer and thinking about what to buy? it used to be a simple choice: a tower for gaming, a tower for heavy processing or video rendering, a tower or laptop for admin type work or surfing the web, and a netbook if you’re a student.

Nowadays however the line between tower and netbook machines is more blurred, as you can use a netbook for almost everything that you could possibly need… scratch that, with SLI graphics and water cooling support offered by some providers as well as the relative ease of a standard external GPU you can actually use a netbook for everything that a tower can do.

So the question becomes one of convenience – not ‘What will you use it for?’ but ‘How will you use it?’. If you want portability then of course a netbook is your answer and if you want easy upgradability, control over the components or cheaper build costs then go for the tower.

So back to my first question…If you’re in the market for a new gaming laptop and MSI is your preferred brand then you are in luck since there’s a selection of MSI laptops which PCWorld have reduced by £100, but you have to be quick as the sale only lasts until Monday 23/05/2016.

The MSI Gaming branded notebooks which have been reduced include:

– GE62 Apache Pro
– GT72 Dominator Pro
GS70 Stealth Pro
GP72 Leopard Pro
GS40 Phantom

In addition to the hardware they’re discounts also available on MS OFFICE which is always handy, and McAfee security if you purchase at the same time!


Check out the range full here.

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