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I found the idea of mixing zombies and FTL surprisingly fun. I expected to miss the spaceships and sci-fi setting, but March of the Living takes what worked and puts it into a new setting. Not being able to memorise encounters for the best outcome on another playthrough makes you read more of the text than you normally would and there is a large amount of depth under the pixel art exterior.

The management of your group of survivors worked well, taking your eye off a team member to move another will have consequences. Fights can and do get hectic because of it, even with a pause. Deaths can feel unfair at times, but even then you learn a new mechanic, or that tainted deer meat isn’t edible. March of the Living is currently £10.99 on steam and for how many hours I’m putting into it I think it’s worth it.

March of the Living 6

  • Audio
  • Control
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Value



– FTL with zombies
– Lots of depth
– over 100 unique encounters
– complete control over your group


– UI and game art clashes
– Some deaths feel unfair
– Very limited party AI

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