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Audio and Graphics

Faux pixel art is the default indie choice and it’s no different here. Everything has a post-apocalyptic grime to it. Even the characters look a little downtrodden and world weary. However, the weapons and various pickups in game are only represented by their description. Character portraits show no status beyond being infected or not. So remembering who has the shotgun and who is stuck with the hammer can get tedious as you get chomped on again.

March of the Living 4

The UI is at odds with the game as it is in a different style to the game itself. This looks like it was done to make the text legible and does seem slightly out of place. Especially when you pull up the map and are presented with an FTL “inspired” effort.

March of the Living 5

The soundtrack is quiet, really quiet. This adds to the atmosphere and tension in a fight (one of the few places with noticeable music) a gun blast makes you worry about bringing down more zombies on your group. Walking between places has a zombie growl track in the background instead of music that increases as the growl meter fills.

The limited graphic style means that at no point was I troubled with issues. Everything remained a smooth 60fps without my machine breaking a sweat. Testing on an old e4400 with 2gb of DDR2 produced similar results. March of the Living will run well on some pretty low specs.

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