Particle Fleet: Emergence Game Review 1

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Developer: Knucklecracker
Game: Particle Fleet: Emergence
Price: £29.99 on Steam

Particle Fleet: Emergence is a real-time with pause fleet and strategy game, against a seemingly unstoppable enemy. The only other games I can think of that are similar to this, are the Creeper World games by the same studio, Knucklecracker. Creeper World 3 was my introduction to the fascinating gameplay, a mix of game of life and RTS. I played it through repeatedly trying to better my times.

Particle Fleet Emergence 1

Particle Fleet mixes things up by adding moving ships in place of fixed structures. I wasn’t sure about this fundamental change to the game’s formula, but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. I’m hoping that it adds to the gameplay and not just changing it for the sake of change.

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