In a blog post on its website, Rockstar has announced that players who are upgrading to the next gen versions of GTA V will receive some exclusive bonuses as rewards for picking up both versions. The post read:

“Ever since we announced Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, some of you have been asking if there will be anything extra for those PS3 and Xbox 360 players who are planning on picking up the new versions. To reward loyal GTAV fans for coming back to the newer, more detailed version of Los Santos and Blaine County, we’ve created an array of exclusive items specifically for these players – with each of them connected to activities designed for you to experience the game’s massive world in new and exciting ways.”

The post then goes on to list some of the new features that these players will be able to access, such as new challenges that unlock new vehicles, weapons, activities and a new LA Noire style campaign mission for Michael. Some of the new content includes a rail gun, a monster truck, stock car racing and the return of the Dodo – one of GTA’s staple aircraft – making it a pretty comprehensive upgrade for those of you who have already invested in the game on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

I see only one issue with this upgrade – a lot of people I know, including myself, have held off buying the previous gen version of GTA V in hope that we could pick it up on the PC and next gen once it was released, and I would make the argument that it’s not fair for those of us on both the PC and next gen platforms, to miss out on this extra content simply because we didn’t purchase a previous gen version of the game. You could however, get around this if you own a previous gen console or know someone who does, as from what I can tell, you only have to have played the previous gen version to be legible for the extra content, meaning you could borrow a copy of GTA V from someone to get yourself access to the additional content. However there’s no guarantee that’d work, or that Rockstar would accept it. Personally I’d have it as a DLC that is free to people who owned the previous gen version of the game, and costs a small amount for those who have bought the next gen version fresh, that way previous gen owners don’t feel unloved, fresh purchasers would be happy, and Rockstar would make a little more on the side.

What do you think? Should people upgrading to the next gen versions of a title get a bonus, or should everyone get the same content no matter when or which version they buy? Let us know.

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