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System Shock 3 Announced

System Shock 3 Announced

Back in 2013 a company called Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to the System Shock games and have re-released the original games and are working on a remake to the first game, now they have announced a full sequel with System Shock 3 which will be worked on by developer Otherside Entertainment. They are a new studio which have people who have worked on the Ultima and System Shock series and had a successful Kickstarter earlier in the year with the game Underworld Ascendant which is a spiritual successor to the Ultima Underworld series.

system shock 3

Here is the link to the main page, you can also take a survey which by the looks of it may influence on what systems it will be released for.

My own thoughts: I am looking forward to it my only real concern is that while the developer may have people who are veterans in games the developer has no track record yet.

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