Xbox One Getting Voice Messaging

The Xbox One will be getting voice messaging in the next firmware update, according to reports. Microsoft released the news today which detailed some information of April’s patch.

The well loved and gifted Xbox One dashboard preview testers will be able to test out the feature this week. It basically mirrors the old voice recording system on the Xbox 360, in which the player records a message that goes into another player’s inbox. Once the test has been completed they will roll out the feature to all Xbox One owners.

One of the awesome announcements of this feature is that it will allow Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners to talk between systems. This is a welcome addition considering alot of my friends are still on the old system being cheap of course. The next months update will also introduce servers that are dedicated to gaming chat. This will help with those who have really struggled with the party chat connections.

One of the better additions to the system is a What’s On section. This will allow users to see featured games, movies, and series that are tailored to the player. So seeing as I love Halo and all that Halo brings, the system will show me news based on the latest TV series or game, which is a nice touch.

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