It’s a limited time offer from but you need to act quickly, within the next 40 hours and you too can bag yourself a copy of one of my favourite Saints Row games here.

It’s just a great bundle of fun wrapped up with that lovely price tag of free! The free game also coincides with GOG’s celebration of Volition games going DRM free on their site, the guys who brought you the other games in the franchise, in order to grab Saints Row 2 free, head to GOG’s site and click the banner. You will need a GOG account for that but won’t need any special software and accounts are free to setup.

To get your Saints on your steam games library, head to GOG Connect and follow their instructions there. You get to keep them on Steam for the steam hoarders but you also have the option to download DRM-free versions on GOG. You’ve only got a week to do the above, as the option will vanish on Thursday, April 27th at 11 am so get in quick!

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