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Nowadays online gambling slowly becomes one of the most popular free-time activities across the whole planet. The mere size of the industry can easily be estimated through its yearly revenues. A well-known company that specializes in statistical analysis, Juniper Research, has recently published a brand new research with astonishing results. These results indicate that the global online gambling market size amounts to $700 billion US Dollars in 2018! The growth of 11.4% is registered, compared to the previous year 2017, in which the annual income occupied the value of $620.

Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling world, providing the possibility to play your favorite game without having to leave the house, or while you are on the go, playing via smartphone or tablet. This way of gambling provides greater comfort as well as games accessibility at any desired moment. That’s exactly why the number of online players is rapidly rising, and if the growth rate remains the same, according to the Juniper Research, by the year 2022 this number will duplicate reaching an enormous figure of 680 million!

How to Approach Online Gambling

Although the odds for scoring at online casinos continuously over a longer period of time are pretty slim, still there are several “things” you can do in order to minimize losses and maximize your income.

The following text contains brief overviews of some of the measures you can take in order to increase your chances of keeping the positive online casino balance. These tips can be applied during playing at any gambling establishment, such as BETAT casino. And, of course, besides these measures, you will also need a bit of fortune!

Choose the Game Properly

Given the fact that you are a new player without experience, this measure can be of great significance. As well as it’s important to enjoy the game you play, it’s equally important to pick one for which you know the rules. There is a wide range of games which rules are pretty easy to overcome, and there are those that can be played with the knowledge of basic rules only. However, knowing all the rules definitely decreases the possibility to make an error.

Inexperienced players should also turn to simpler games, such as for instance Blackjack. This game comes with several additional rules that can be learned quickly, so one instantly transform into an intermediate skilled player.

All game rules can be found under the “house rules” section at any casino web page, which will clarify all perplexities. If after reading the rules a certain game is still unclear, the best thing you should do is to keep away from it.

Aim for the Lower House Edge

The house edge percentage, in fact, represents the built-in advantage an online casino has over the players. Essentially, this value stands for the amount of money (in percentage) the casino profits from each bet placed.

The house edge percentage doesn’t occupy the same values in all casino games. To achieve long-term financial success in this activity, it would be much better to stick with those games that carry a lower house edge percentage. The list below contains some of the games with the lowest house edge percentages one can come across:

  • Single Deck Blackjack – house edge is only 1%;
  • Craps;
  • Baccarat;
  • Three card Poker;
  • Video Poker;
  • Online slot machines;
  • Single Zero Roulette;
  • Pai Gow Poker;
  • Carribean Stud Poker;

Aim for the Jackpots

Although the chances for scoring a jackpot prize are not so great, you have no reasons why not to try, but try smartly and safely. Before going for a jackpot prize, you should separate a part of your budget for that purpose, just in order to avoid going bankrupt in an instance.

The selection of games is important as well. Here are some of the games one should play if they are trying to reach the jackpot prize: online slot machines, video poker, Keno and Caribbean stud poker.

Good Money Management

There are two things one should always keep in mind in order to enhance the chances of winning at online gambling: managing the money and self-discipline. Good money management means setting the limitations, as for the maximum amount you are willing to wager, so for each individual wager. This is how one avoids going bankrupt, and this is how one keeps his balance positive for a longer time, which increases the chances of eventually scoring some enormous prize!


As mentioned above, these steps are not totally ensuring the winnings. There is also a luck factor in each and every game. However, they provide certain precedence which will make your time playing more efficient and convenient.


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