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Retro games are more popular than ever before, with many players choosing to take a walk down memory lane rather than try out the best modern titles. Others switch between old and new games as the mood takes them.

This might sound strange considering that the latest video games are so much more impressive in terms of the visual appeal, gameplay, and sounds. Why are some gamers turning their back on new titles to get a taste of simpler pleasures from the past?

Super Mario Maker Pre-Orders Now Available
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Modern Versions of Classic Consoles

A surprising trend in recent years has been the appearance of modern versions of classic consoles that had long gone out of fashion. A good example comes from the Nintendo NES Classic, which sold over 2 million units in a matter of months when released in 2016.

Other modern versions of outdated consoles include the Atari Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe, Sega Mega Drive Mini that is due out this year, and the Retron 5. Given that these machines faithfully reproduce fairly limited games from yesteryear, why are they so popular?

Is it a simple case of nostalgia? Certainly, a lot of gamers will have fonder memories of games they played a long time ago than of more recent adventures, since nostalgia is something that grows stronger over the years.

Retro Slots Games

Another area of gaming nostalgia for a lot of people comes with slots machines. Many of us can fondly recall feeding coins into these machines at our local amusement arcade and hoping to see a line of bells or cherries appear.

These days, most online slots are slick and modern. They are often based on big brands such as blockbuster movies and TV shows, with animated sequences and features that make them a far cry from the simple fruit machines we once played.

Yet, there is still a market for simple-looking online retro slots such as Break Da Bank, Triple Diamond, and Mega Joker. With the help of a no deposit bonus from Betfair Casino you can try out both modern and retro slots to see which one you prefer.

“Sonic” by Vincent Tcheng Chang (CC BY 2.0)

Updated Versions of Old-Time Favorites

It has been suggested that anyone who grew up playing video games has a complex relationship with the main characters. We may see Super Mario, Sonic, and other characters as friends or even as an extension of ourselves.

This means that we are delighted to see these old favorites appear in new games. It seems that we are more likely to try a game that brings back an old friend than one that introduces new characters for us to get to know.

This helps to explain the success of titles such as 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey and the same year’s Sonic Forces. The powerful appeal of these timeless characters ensures that even a run of poorly received games isn’t enough to put them out of business.

It seems clear that the lure of retro games will get even stronger as younger generations of gamers have their own classic titles that they look back on with affection. While new games will keep on getting better, there will always be room in our hearts for those retro classics that we don’t want to forget.

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