In case you’ve somehow not heard, esports is huge right now, and it’s getting ever-bigger, with players from all over the world slugging it out against each other, testing their mettle, and showing off their skills in games from Counter-Strike 2 to Minecraft. With the explosive interest in this industry, tons of people are eager to find out what it takes to be an incredible esports champion – how do some players burst through the finishing tape ahead of everybody else and scoop up the trophy every time?

Okay, so not everyone takes esports seriously when compared with physical sports like soccer, basketball, boxing, etc., but anybody who’s dipped even a toe into the gaming world will know that esports is a serious business, with tournaments that have people prepping for hours on end, big prizes on offer, and high stakes to match the high emotions involved. Esports stars are huge in their world, and fans everywhere are constantly tracking the games, keeping an eye on cryptocurrency esports betting opportunities, and cheering for their favorite picks.

Like any big industry, esports are attracting some incredibly talented people who can wipe the floor with the standard player, and many people are interested in what makes a player a pro. Whether you think you have what it takes, or you want to learn more about what gives a player top odd so you can make good wagers, you’ll soon know what takes an esports player from mediocre to king. Let’s jump in!

Top Notch Communication

So you might be expecting “reaction times” or “strategizing” to be at the top of the list, but so, so many people underestimate the importance of good communication that it’s actually our number one tip – if you want to be good at any esports involving teamwork, you have to know how to communicate. One player, no matter how good they are, doesn’t make a team, and can even break a great team if they won’t communicate properly.

Learning how to talk to your teammates and listen to the information they’re giving you is one of the most important skills you can pick up; a team working in synchrony is far more likely to streak straight to victory than a team where everyone’s playing their own game and failing to talk to each other. Crack out your communication skills and remember to learn how to listen as well as how to tell others what’s going on.

Reaction Times

Spending some time honing your reaction times will serve you well in most esports’ games. If you take too long to react to the things you see, you won’t be able to duck out of the way when you’re getting shot at, avoid obstacles or traps, or jump over hazards when they suddenly loom up. Not all esports’ games require great reaction times, but in most, it’s a key factor.

Stay Balanced

Sure, practice is super important and don’t get us wrong – you do need to be practicing with some serious dedication once you’ve chosen the game you want to become a pro at… but practice isn’t everything. Most professional gamers advocate balance and remind up-and-coming players that it’s important to look after themselves if they want to get good. If you spend 6 hours at the computer without food, drink, exercise, or a mental break, you’re going to find your performance plummeting… which usually leads to frustration and even worse performance.

Instead, take regular breaks, walk around, get outside, eat well, and drink plenty of water. You’ll improve everything from your reaction speeds to your ability to strategize, so don’t dismiss just how key this is.

Multitasking Skills

Most esports games require your brain to be firing on many different cylinders at once, so the more you can practice multitasking, the better your edge will be. You’ll likely need to have your eye on a map or compass, resource bars, health bars, your teammates, and your opponents all at once – and unless you’ve got five eyes, which requires you to master multitasking. Play brain-training games and practice in a variety of settings, and you’ll find your gameplay massively improves.

Don’t Forget Gear

Yeah, a good workman never blames his tools, but when it comes to playing games professionally, you actually do need some pretty high-end gear for at least most esports games. Some are less demanding, but for most modern games, you’re going to need a pretty impressive setup to really be competitive. Some players choose to buy pre-built computers, while others opt for their own build so that they can customize it to their preferences.

Either way, you need decent tools to get a great gaming experience, or you’ll find your machine has lagged and you’ve been shot before you’ve even seen your opponent.


So, you now know a few of the things that can turn a good player into a pro, and you can start out on your journey. And if you’re wondering what game to start engaging with using those newfound skills or that extra dash of knowledge, you can check out the top esports games of 2023. See if one takes your fancy and starts practicing or checking out and betting on the professionals!

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